Notes for Support was created so that anyone can contribute to the Covid-19 cause. We believe that for frontline healthcare workers and patients who are facing depression and isolation, receiving an encouraging, personal message can mean the world.
Q: Who will receive the notes?
A: If you choose a hospital, one COVID-19 patient or healthcare worker there will receive your note. If you choose "all hospitals", your note will be sent to one patient or healthcare worker in each hospital.
Q: Why print the notes in the first place?
A: We want to make everything personal. A physical note adds a human touch that no screen can substitute.
Q: But can't germs be transported via paper?
A: We contacted hospitals beforehand and take all special precautions they require (e.g. wearing gloves).
Q: How can I know when my note has been sent?
A: Check back on our blog and we'll post an update whenever we ship out notes!
Q: How can I help out? 
Please considering donating on our GoFundMe. ​100% of your donation will be used to print & ship. No donation is too small.
Q: Can our hospital receive notes?
A: If you know or work at a hospital that wants to receive notes, please submit them here.
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