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Notes for Support allows anyone to easily and safely connect with those most deeply affected by COVID-19. We help foster personal connections through the power of words, sent the old fashion way—yes, that means snail mail.
Thousands of notes written by people like you, from all over the world, have already helped frontline healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients struggling with isolation. There’s some kind of magic that comes with receiving a letter in the mail, even from a stranger, that encourages those going through a hard time to see the light. We’re here to spread that magic far and wide.
Q: Who will receive the notes?
A: If you choose a hospital, one COVID-19 patient or healthcare worker there will receive your note. If you choose "all hospitals", your note will be sent to one patient or healthcare worker in various hospitals.

Q: Why print the notes in the first place?
A: We want to make everything personal. A physical note adds a human touch that no screen can substitute.

Q: But can't germs be transported via paper?
A: We contact hospitals beforehand and take all special precautions they require (e.g. wearing gloves).

Q: How can I know when my note has been sent?
A: Check back on our blog and we'll post an update whenever we ship out notes!
Q: How can I help out? 
As we're a student-run nonprofit, our biggest roadblocks are printing & shipping costs. We greatly appreciate any support via GoFundMe or our donation page (tax-deductible). ​100% of your gift is used to print & ship! No donation is too small.
Q: Can our hospital receive notes?
A: If you know or work at a hospital that wants to receive notes, please submit them here.

Q: Can we send notes as an organization?
Yes! We can set up a personal page for your group for a remote volunteer experience. More info here!

Q: Can I get volunteer hours?
We're rolling out a system to grant volunteer hours for writing notes! Please check back soon. You can also volunteer with us here.
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