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Sent 300 Notes to St. Joseph's Hospital (Phoenix, AZ)

Update from Hospital:

"I received the envelope today with notes for our healthcare workers here at the hospital. They are so beautiful. I am going to put them on each unit next week and will ask them to send you photos or videos to share with your note writers. What a wonderful thing to do for our staff.  They will be thrilled with them. I am so impressed by your hard work and dedication. Thank you again for your generosity."

We sent 300 notes to St. Joseph's Hospital, which currently has 8 COVID-19 units. They said that they would be "so thrilled to get anything," as their healthcare workers have been "incredibly stressed since March".

An emergency medicine physician in Arizona wrote: "It is hard to admit that I feel vulnerable and scared when I think of the Covid-19 surge we are facing now and the combined Covid-19 and influenza tsunami expected later this year. But I am admitting it because you need to know how close health care workers are to breaking" (New York Times).

Thank you so much for sending in loving words of encouragement to the brave healthcare workers struggling on the frontlines. 💌 Your words make a difference.

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