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Thank You to Brother from Notes for Support!

A huge thank you to Brother Industries for sending us a generous supply of printing materials, offering incredible support (shout out to Lazaro and Linus!), and being all-around amazing people. Their sponsorship has made our note producing process so much more effective and has been a crucial component to our scalability!

Brother Rolls & QL-1110NWB Printer

For the past three months, we've used Brother products to produce thousands of heartfelt messages to COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers across America. To date, we've sent over 10,000 notes to 154 hospitals in 37 states!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all of your support in making this happen! Thank you!

"Your efforts are appreciated more than you know... I cannot express to you what [the notes] meant to the staff and patients."

- Plum Tree Care Center (San Jose, CA)


Notes for Support is a website where anyone can submit an encouraging note to a COVID-19 healthcare worker or patient for free. The notes are then printed and sent to hospitals across America. To send a note of your own, please visit

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