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For the student who wrote to Yvette Beatty...

Last week, we received a note from a student who wrote:

This is for a project, and project or not I really do mean this and wanna thank Yvette Beatty. I was looking up COVID-19 health workers, I found a website showing multiple. I looked through them all, and Yvette's stood out the most. I wanna say keep on praying love, you will be protected and you will go home to your kids safe, alive and healthy. And you will never have to worry, because you're protected, safe and loved. Keep praying, and you will, and I say this with pride YOU WILL, get protective gear and you'll stay safe. Thank you Yvette Beatty.

We reached out to the author of the article and wanted to let you know that your note will be received by Yvette Beatty! 😊💕

We had to cut some words out due to the limit but we hope your message is still intact (we emailed the full note to her too!) 💖 Thank you so much for your lovely and considerate note!

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