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Thank You from Geneva General Hospital 🗽 (Geneva, NY)

We are in receipt of your loving, inspirational package. The notes are so wonderful. You have brought much joy in your thoughtful act of kindness. We are deeply grateful for your efforts and this lovely initiative. We plan to find a good way to distribute them and showcase them and will send photos of staff enjoying these sweet notes of support. We will send more photos of them being enjoyed!

- Lara C. Turbide

Executive Director of Finger Lakes Health Foundation

The notes arrived today! They are so wonderfully crafted and heartfelt! What a lovely and thoughtful effort!! We will send more photos soon of our staff enjoying these notes.

- Helen Kelley

Director of Development

These notes were SO appreciated! On behalf of the staff at the Living Centers of Geneva, thank you to all who took the time to write them, they touched our hearts! Attached are a few photos of the employees holding their own personal note.

- Living Center At Geneva, Geneva General Hospital (Geneva, NY)

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