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More Thank You's from Hospitals!

From St. Anthony Hospital (Lakewood, CO):

On behalf of the staff at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado – thank you for the 100 beautiful messages that we received in the mail this morning! I passed these along to our Chief Nursing Officer to personally distribute to the frontline healthcare workers after the holiday. These messages are going to make a huge impact on the St. Anthony Hospital caregivers, thank you for taking the time to compile these special notes. We are enormously grateful for your support and partnership.


From St. Joseph's Hospital (Phoenix, AZ):

I received the envelope today with notes for our healthcare workers here at the hospital. They are so beautiful. I am going to put them on each unit next week and will ask them to send you photos or videos to share with your note writers. What a wonderful thing to do for our staff.  They will be thrilled with them. I am so impressed by your hard work and dedication. Thank you again for your generosity.


From Maimonides Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY):

I received your package and I am getting them distributed to our staff and patients. Thank you for doing this. I read some of the notes and they made me smile. Keep doing what you are doing and spreading joy.

As of today, we have sent over 1,375 COVID-19 patients home, and we are seeing more and more patients for other medical needs. Have a great day!


From Legacy Health (Portland, OR):

We received the cards! Thanks again for this generous encouragement to those on the frontlines, and those impacted by the pandemic. With much appreciation.

- Office of Philanthropy

I just received your package today of your Notes for Support. I will be taking care to forward them along to our contact @ the hospital who will help get them disbursed. Thank you for your thoughtful words!

- Development Coordinator


From Lehigh Valley Health Network (Eastern PA):

We received your notes today, thank you very much! We will try to get pictures when we distribute them.

From Amed Family Clinic (Nashville, TN):

Thank you for kind words and work. We just received the notes! Thank you.


💕 Thank you for writing lovely notes of encouragement for COVID-19 patients and staff. Your words make a difference!

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