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Thank you from Navajo Nation!

Thank you so very much for the handmade masks and letters. We were in need of masks and are very fortunate to have received your donation box. We passed them out to patients as they were leaving from here. Thank you so much and take care.

- CSU Covid-19 Response

Greetings from the Navajo Nation Unified Command Group within the Navajo Department of Health. I received your package today and I will forward to our strike team leader who will pass the notes out to our frontline workers. Thank you so much for your support for our Navajo people and may God Bless.

- Navajo Department of Health

They cannot share photos due to their privacy policy, but they've sent us some pictures of the notes they were thrilled to receive:

We will be sending more handmade masks and notes to their hospitals! Thank you so much for making this possible! 💖

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