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2022 Notes 💌

Since last updating the blog, we're back to delivering notes of encouragement! With the omicron variant taking hold across the country this season, sharing kind words could mean everything to a struggling healthcare worker or patient. We have some volunteer opportunities & events we can run for your team.

🌟 Interested in volunteering with us? Please visit our form for details: 🙋‍♀️

^ Roles: Communications Manager, Social Media Manager, Video Producer, and more.

As we're a nonprofit, you can receive volunteer hours with us!

🌟 Interested in sending notes as a team?

There are still many hospitals that would love to receive notes of encouragement for their patients and healthcare workers. Sending notes as a group is a meaningful virtual volunteer experience. We're happy to set up a personal page for your organization at no cost! See this post for more details.

🌟 Want us to run a workshop/talk?

We can organize a virtual workshop for your team to give back to the community through Notes for Support! 💌

↪ We've most recently hosted a virtual community service workshop at Castlemont Elementary to encourage students to make a difference. You can see our story here!

↪ We're running monthly give-back sessions with Cisco and their global intern program.

Please contact us for more details! We're happy to help 😊

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