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Sent 120 Notes & 40 Masks to Navajo Nation

Update from Navajo Nation:

"Thank you so much for the handmade masks and letters.

We are fortunate to have received your donation box. Thank you so very much, we were in need of the handmade masks. We passed them out to patients as they were leaving from here and it's something that we're really lacking right now. Thank you so much and take care."


Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation, now has the highest per-capita case load in the nation, even surpassing New York. To make matters worse, 43% of their population live below the poverty line, contributing to high death rates.

We've sent 120 notes and 40 handmade, 100% cotton masks to Chinle Comprehensive Health 💗

The smaller handmade masks are for children and the others are for adults.

We will continue to send as much as we can to support the tribal members of the Navajo Nation. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

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