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Sent 30 Notes to MilkWorks O (Omaha, NE)

We're sending copies of some notes marked as "all hospitals" to uplift healthcare workers who help new mothers. They are so thrilled to receive these notes!

From MilkWorks O:

"We are tired of wearing masks and screening moms and not letting dads come to visits.  It is stressful to spend 60-90 minutes in a room with a mom not knowing if we are exposing each other, or the sweet baby."

We've made sure to send them notes marked as "all hospitals" so that they can still be sent to COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers. Thank you for all your support and help!


Thank you so much for the kind notes. It really made our employees' day! We have included a photo on our Instagram (@milkworks_) and Facebook stories and tagged you. 
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