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Thank You from Hospitals (pt. 17)

Thank you for sending these cards. They were distributed through various areas of the hospital. Here are a few pictures of the Lab/phlebotomy Staff. Our staff absolutely loved them!

- Signature Healthcare (Brockton, MA)

I am sending this email to let you know we received the messages and wanted to send our sincerest thank you to you and your fellow supporters! What you have created is amazing and so much appreciated by our healthcare heroes. I will be distributing the messages you sent to our various departments here in the hospital. Take care and thank you again!

Aurora Medical Center (Oshkosh, WI)

Parkview Hospital (Fort Wayne, IN)

Thank you for what you are doing, it means a lot to us! Is there any way to get more cards? 150 definitely did not prove to be enough! Our nurses loved these, I will have to take more pictures next time. Thanks!

Fawcett Memorial Hospital (Charlotte, FL)

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