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Thank You From More Hospitals! (pt. 16)

Thank you so much for the cards of encouragement. The medical team really appreciates them. COVID-19 sure has stressed out a lot of us, and these cards will surely brighten their day! I deliver mail to patients, so I am giving your notes to the nurses in these areas. Again, thank you for giving your time and money to make our healthcare workers smile!! You and your writers at “Notes for Support” are awesome!!!

Greenville Memorial Hospital (Greenville, SC)

Hi! I am the Nurse Manager of the Surgical ICU at Cleveland Clinic and I just returned from vacation to see an envelope filled with notes to our staff. What a lovely and kind gesture and one that we all need to read and embrace. Your words of encouragement and support to our staff was greatly appreciated as we all stay strong and work together  to fight this pandemic. I am truly amazed by your compassion!!! We placed the notes in our breakroom board as a constant reminder to our caregivers that the community supports us in our efforts. Again, many thanks!

Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)

Thank you so much for the notes of support you sent for the medical staff of Virtua Health. They have been distributed to all Virtua Health locations, providing encouragement for staff and patients. We thank you for thinking of us during this time, and truly appreciate your generosity and kindness. Stay safe and well~

Virtua Health System (NJ) - 5 Hospitals


From Houston Methodist Hospital (Nassau Bay, TX):

I wanted to let you know we have received the notes of support. We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and work that went into this project. We have several ways we can use the notes and any pictures we are able to get, we will send them to you. Kind regards,

- Volunteer Coordinator

I want to thank you for the time you took to send us so many inspirational notes! Our staff Heroes will love them!

- Administrative Coordinator

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