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Thank You from Holy Name Medical Center (Teaneck, NJ)

Holy Name Medical Center was one of the first hospitals we sent notes to back in April. During that time, they were one of the hardest hit hospitals in the US. Now, five months later, we've received a lovely response from them:


I'm slowly making my way through thanking the many people who lifted up and supported our staff during the darkest days of this pandemic.  We received your notes of encouragement for patients and staff and cannot adequately express how much this meant to our team! And to see messages from people around the world - WOW! It was such a beautiful gesture.  Thank you for your kindness. It is so encouraging to see young people like yourself finding ways to make a positive impact in the world, despite the challenges and hurdles we currently face. Together, we will pull through this.  Wishing you a smooth and successful year! Stay healthy and safe.

- Holy Name Medical Center (Teaneck, NJ)


Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement. It still amazes me how much we were able to touch the lives of those who were struggling most during these past six months. Thank you for your time, thoughtfulness, and compassion for those in need. Your words truly make a difference. 💌❤️

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